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Golfing Calgary is Alberta's leading online source of golf news, course listings and information. Our pages enjoy a strong following and span a large demographic. Golfing Calgary is proud to offer a range of competitively priced advertising opportunities for interested businesses.


  • Course Listing - $200/year
  • Your Website - $300/year
  • Banner Ad - $30/ad/per week
  • Button Ad - $20/ad/per week
  • Email Marketing - $50/email


Not only does Golfing Calgary offer excellent value for your money but items are also able to be placed online within minutes so your advertising dollar can be working for your company instantly.

Golfing Calgary can create highly flexible, specially tailored packages to fit our advertising clients needs. Packages can be combinations of any number of available Golfing Calgary packages (as listed below) or special promotions and community activities to maximize Golfing Calgary clients benefits.

Course Listing

Includes professional content creation incorporating course descriptions, yardages, handicaps, website link and pro shop/tee time phone number. 7 course photos (150 pixels X 150 pixels) are also included and can be taken by Golfing Calgary or submitted by you. This package also includes your site being featured on a rotational basis with other courses on the home page.
Package Price: $200 CDN/year

Your Business Website -

Included will be a 4 page website dedicated entirely to your business and created with the content of your choice. You may include up to two high resolution images per page including one banner with a maximum of 600 words per page. Images can either be submitted by you or taken by Golfing Calgary. Your banner will also be included in rotation on select pages throughout our site.
Package Price: $300 CDN/year

Banner/Button Advertising

Golfing Calgary is pleased to provide advertisors with sponsorship of select pages on its web site. Advertising will be in the form of banner advertising with a hotlink to your company's web site. Banner ads may be rotated among several banner ads from your company throughout the duration of the sponsorship.

We are also pleased to provide affordable and effective custom banner design services for our clients.

General guidelines for banner ads:

  • Can be animated or nonanimated GIFs.
  • Keep animations to a minimum for faster downloading by the visitor.
  • Final animation or nonanimated file should weigh in at no more than 10K.
  • Clicks on a banner ad will take visitors directly to your company's Web site.
  • All banner ads and the selection of pages are subject to the approval of Golfing Calgary

Locations and Specs for banner ads:

(Click dimension thumbnail for true size)

Any page
720x90 spec image
15k max, GIF/JPG, 3x loop ok. Flash: 30k max. Rich media on approval.
Home page
210x60 spec image
10k max, GIF/JPG, 3x loop ok. Flash: 30k max. Rich media on approval.
Medium Rectangle
Home page
210x90 spec image
12k max, GIF/JPG, 3x loop ok. Flash: 30k max. Rich media on approval.


Email Marketing

E-mail message that is delivered to opt-in subscribers who have asked to receive promotional messages from our advertisers. This is not SPAM. Mailing Lists Updated Daily to ensure you get the newest leads.

All of the content within the email message is dedicated to your message. This is a great way to announce a new product or service, conduct a survey or contest, feature specially priced items, or simply get your message out to a large, dedicated audience.